There is a nasty little belief that math and science are male domains.  Some people still believe that boys are better suited for math and science, while girls are supposed to excel only in reading and writing.  Maybe if we start early, we can dispel this and other myths about what girls cannot do.  Our t shirts display fun, hip, original designs and important messages about defying these gender stereotypes.  How cool is it to inspire smart girls while you shop?!
Girls Like Math
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We play with dolls
We play with trucks
We wear dresses.
We wear cleats.
We are Princesses
We are Presidents
We challenge the limits some may place on us
We are girls and Girls Like Math.
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Unique designs and A+ for shirt quality.
                  - Steve Brown, Los Angeles
These are totally cute shirts.  Definitely a unique way to inspire little girls!
                                 - Kai Wilson, Washington DC
Thank you for offering a unique product line that is also hip and posh.  My kids love them.
                                                - Nicole Pritchard, Des Moines
I love the hip t shirt designs.  I wish we were presented with this positive message as girls.  I’d probably be an astronaut!
                                                    - Debbie Allen, Los Angeles
I often hear how pretty my daughter is, but I want her to feel just as smart as she is pretty.  
                                                  -Vernia Horne, Chicago
Nothing against princesses, but it is cool to see t shirts with educational value.
                                                  -Kimberly Powell, Phillips Ranch
Kudos for displaying this important message in such a stylish and hip way.  Hot idea for t shirts.
                               - Kristal O’Bryant, New York
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