Girls Like Math started as my attempt to paint an inspiring or motivating picture for my daughters’ was too busy chatting with my best friend to put the phone down.  I finished it and showed it to my husband.  He loved it.  (What else could he say, right?!)  I knew he would like it  because we had always talked about at the painting for a moment, he casually suggested that we put this painting on a shirt for our daughters.  Great idea!  This would be another chance to   promote the idea that girls are not only good at math, but, there are no limits to what girls can accomplish. We also thought other parents would appreciate the message as well.  That was the beginning of our little company.   Girls Like Math - Ina Patton room. I am not much of artist, so I didn’t think much of the simple painting of my daughters doing math at a blackboard.  I even made a mistake on the first painting, because I encouraging our daughters to do well in math, sciences and all areas that girls are erroneously thought not to be able to succeed in.  But as he looked
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our story