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1. We will upload your photos to our I GLM Photo Gallery at our sole discretion and can remove them from our website at any time for any reason.
2.  We reserve the right to upload a photo without adding a description or substituting our own description. 
3.  Please keep in mind that due to time and space constraints, all photos may not be displayed in the I GLM Photo Gallery. 

4. Your name will not be displayed on our website and we will not sell or otherwise make your image available to other companies or entities. 

5. All entries must be the sole work of the photographer. Please be aware that online photos can be copied by anyone viewing the photo. We cannot accept liabilities for any damages that arise.

6. Images should be digital pictures of high resolution and be provided in .jpeg format via email to  
7.  Girls Like Math reserves the right to edit your photos for copyright and trademark infringement and protection.

8. Photographers should obtain permission from any identifiable people in their photographs prior to submitting photos to Girls Like Math.  Submitting a photo implies this has been done.

please read before submitting photo to I GLM
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